Since 2009 I’ve been working offering branding, print and web design solutions for small businesses and startups in a wide variety of industries.


And how it all started!

I’ve been obsessed with pen and paper since my early childhood in Tehran.


But it wasn’t until my teenage years that I saw a professional designer’s portfolio and realised that I might be able to use what I loved to make a living.


 After proving my art skills at school I won an overseas scholarship to study a design Masters. I took the plunge and moved to Armenia to spend 5 years learning the theory behind my passion.

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During this time I landed my first part-time position in a design agency. I also uncovered a real love for portrait drawing.

After graduating, the agency position became full-time — the experience complementing my studies and showing me my future as a professional graphic designer.

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I rounded off my education by travelling the world (on a bicycle — unusual I know).


After marrying my travelling partner I chose to become a self employed graphic designer when one country for settlement didn’t seem enough.

I am currently based in Yerevan/Armenia and over the last few years I’ve been contracted to help a range of small businesses and startups with their branding and marketing efforts.
It’s the inventiveness of the job that I love; the satisfying challenge to be found in every new project. (And I still draw the odd portrait on the side. Click here to see some examples, and get in touch if you want to commission me to do one for you.)

I hope you’ll enjoy looking through this selection of my work. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I might be able to help you next!.